Black History Month


I apologize for such the delay in blog posts! My last semester at Marian got very busy with student teaching, preparing my senior art show, looking for jobs, and getting everything wrapped up before graduation. But for this post, I would like to share the results of my favorite lesson I did during my student teaching. I know in an earlier post I shared the learning menu I created for a Black History Month lesson. I finally had the opportunity to teach that lesson to my 8th grade class at Speedway!

Every day at the beginning of class, I showed a fun video (Flocabulary was their favorite) that went over a significant African American or African American movement in history. After the video, we would have a class discussion. The significance of the videos and discussions was to give the students inspiration and information for their art projects (plus I could see who was actually paying attention to the videos).

I also created a playlist of African American music on Youtube that I would play while they were working. I included older music like The Temptations and Michael Jackson to current top artists like The Weekend and Beyonce. Some students would even write down song requests for me. This created a fun environment to work in, plus the students had the chance to see how African American music has changed throughout time.

I absolutely loved seeing the finished products from my students! I did a gallery walk at the end of the lesson so everyone could admire the work of their peers. I posted photos of some of my students’ artwork above:



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