Line Design

For my two 8th grade classes, we are teaching the students about the elements of art. The first element we covered was line. We taught our students about different types of lines; biomorphic, vertical, horizontal, cross hatching, and diagonal.

First, the students did a performance task using biomorphic lines, which are organic and curvy. Once they showed their work to us and turned it in, they could move on to their line design project. For the this, the students had to create a composition using a variety of lines that we covered in class. They had to have enough content to nearly cover the entire sheet. They were not allowed to use any other elements of art such as color or value. For this piece, their entire focus was on lines.

Below are a couple examples of the biomorphic line performance task:


Below are a couple examples of the line design project:


All of these examples are works from my students.


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