Student Teaching Day 1


Hello hello!

It’s been a while since I have written a blog post, so to catch up, I had a very busy fall semester. I took 2o class credits, completed all my teacher licensing tests, started to plan my wedding, and worked as a campus tour guide and face painter. Now that that crazy semester is over, I had my first day of student teaching today!

I am interning at a small public high school and middle school in Speedway, IN. My mentor teacher has been teaching for 46 years, so I am very blessed to work with someone who has so much wisdom and experience. I am also lucky to work with such a range of diverse students from multiple age groups.

Even though I mostly observed today and helped a few students out with questions, I had such a fun first day! I loved talking to and getting to know my students. They are so sweet and funny! It was also great getting to meet some of the other staff at Speedway. They are all so kind and helpful to me already.

I am beyond happy to be placed in such a wonderful school district, and I am really looking forward to the next 16 weeks! I know that I am going to grow so much as an educator and create such amazing memories with a lot of awesome people!


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