As I mentioned in an earlier post, art is something that is great to integrate in about any content area. By integrating art in subjects like English, math, social studies, and science students get more of a hands-on experience while learning the material. Some students that struggle with certain concepts may have a better understanding as a result of the art themed activity.

So what does art integration look like? According to an article by David Markey, “The arts integration classroom tends to be one of lively activity, engagement and peer-to-peer interaction.” A specific example Markey gave was using creative drama to teach concepts such as story sequencing and understanding character as well character motivation within an English class. Another example mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts was to have students design their own pond to help them understand the ecosystem of pond.

When asked, “why arts integration?” Markey said, “It is in the active participation of the learning experience that we remember and understand the content. We become part of the learning experience rather than being passive recipients sitting on the sidelines.” Art is great way to reach students who don’t understand the class material in a typical way. Some students understand better through projects and working with peers. That is why art is such a good fit with other class subjects. We don’t have to limit art to just the art classroom. It should be expanded to all content areas.

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