Four Corners


Four corners is a great activity for cooperative learning. Four corners involves discussion among students, so it teaches how to work together and implements higher level thinking. It is good for student choice and for hearing different perspectives from various students.

So how does this activity work? You choose four aspects of a topic you are going over in class that would have the potential to spark good discussion among your students. Assign each of the aspects to a corner in the classroom. Present the topic and four aspects to the entire class and then let them have some time to think about the topic and four aspects. After that, they choose an aspect and go to its designated corner to discuss the topic. When the students are done discussing, each group will choose one person to be the representative of the group and tell the class what they discussed in their corner.

Four corners is a great way to get students to work together and thinking at deeper levels. It is very easy to prepare (you barely have to prep at all) and implement as well. It can take up as much or as little time as you want. Four corners is a simple, fun activity that everyone will enjoy!

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