A 4th grade teacher named Kayla Shook had a lot of trouble getting her students to ask questions. This became a problem because she wanted to know what her class was struggling with on a daily basis. This seems to be a problem a lot of teachers run into in their classrooms. Much of the time students are embarrassed to ask questions in front of the class or embarrassed to admit that they are confused or struggling.

Kayla’s answer to this issue was an #ExitTweets board. The board consists of white laminated cards (for dry erase markers so she wouldn’t waste paper) with each student’s name and the Twitter bird logo. Each card is velcroed on the board. At the end of each class, Kayla asks her students a question that they have to answer to the best of their ability. They take their card with their name on it and write down their answer and then put it back on the board for Kayla to read later.

This is great strategy for any classroom; especially when presenting new material and for review. The board is fun for the students and very helpful for teachers when assessing their students. By doing this, teachers can know which students need extra help and which ones have already mastered the material.

Here is Kayla’s board:



Link to Kayla Shook’s blog:



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